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Teething Product and Safety Information:

Everything is non-toxic and free from nasty chemicals. We take great care testing the strength of all our products and maintain high quality standards throughout our product range.

Necklace Cord Adjustments:

If you find your necklace cord is too long it can easily be adjusted following these simple guidelines.

  • Unclip clasp and pull down to expose the knot.
  • Remove clasp by untying the knot.
  • Cut cord to required length.
  • Reattach clasp and tie a small knot.
  • Repeat on opposite side
  • Re-clip clasp together.

Please take care when following these steps that loose beads do not detach from the cord. A small knot can be looped to secure the beads from moving up the cord.

SAFETY NOTICE:  We pride ourselves in designing and producing stunning handmade pieces for your little ones as well as you. A huge amount of care and attention is put into all the products to not only ensure they look fantastic but to make sure they are safe.

All the products that we make are tested prior to production. Everything is made using non-toxic or nasty chemicals, we take great care testing the strength of our products to give parents piece of mind.

All our necklaces come with a breakaway safety clasp and the cords are strength tested. These reassuring features mean the clasp will release if pulled and the cord will not break under pressure ensuring that the small beads will not detach.

Silicone Necklaces are not a toy and are not designed for children under the age of three. We want to remind our customers that our necklaces are intended to be worn only by parents to ensure the utmost safety of your child. Never leave your child unattended with the necklaces to prevent the risk of chocking or strangulation.

The safety of our products is one of our top priorities and something that we take extremely seriously and we request all of our customers follow these guidelines.

Made From:

Our entire silicone range is:

Made from high quality food grade silicone.

Free from BPA, PVC and phthalates.

No lead, cadmium or  heavy metals.

Hygienic, hypoallergenic and resistant to bacteria.

All our 3″ hardwood birch and maple teethers:

Have been sanded smooth and hand finished with natural beeswax and olive oil polish.

Birch wood is also non splintering, which means it is perfectly safe for your baby to chew and dribble on. During the process of crafting the rings, no chemicals or any artificial additives, solvents or dyes are used. Just hand sand paper polished repeatedly to make them smooth.

Care instructions:

Silicone can simply be washed with warm soapy water and air dried

All our fabric are 100% cotton and should be hand or machine washed at 40 degrees. Do not tumble dry.

Please inspect your products before each use for any possible defects. If any damage occurs stop using immediately to ensure the safety of your child.

Necklaces should be stored out of reach of children. Our Necklaces are not toys and should never be left with unattended babies or children. They are intended to be worn by adults and not children.